The Bahamas, close to south- Florida, consists of more than 700 islands offer a wide variety of fishing; flat fishing to offshore big game fishing. The Bahamas are famous for some of the best, most varied bonefishing in the world. Many records have been caught here. You will find bonefishing and guides on almost every island. The best lodges can be found on outer island like Andros, Long Island, Exuma, Acklins and Great Bahama.


Mayaguana Bahamas is perhaps the most beautiful Bonefish destination in the world for DIY saltwater fishong in an adventurous and affordable way with nature, tranquility and space. Mayaguana has about 250 inhabitants and is 40 km long. Villages like Pirates Well, Abrahams Bay and Betsy Bay will leave an impression you will never forget. An island where everyone is like "family". Abandoned beaches with maybe the best bonefishins there is because of the many flats.

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Entry Requirements: Valid Passport

Language: English

Capital: Nassau

Population: 325.000

Currency: Bahemian Dollar (BSD)