Fishing with a guide

Apart from the fully organized trips with a guide that you can find on our website we can also Offer you a guide for a day or for a few hours, just here in the Netherlands. For instance for one day pike fishing with a guide or to fish for sea bass or shad. With a guide who knows where and how to fish, you significantly increase your chances. Our guides have a very extensive experience with fishing in the Netherlands and abroad and you can benefit from it. Ofcourse, figuring things out yourselve is a lot of fun but it also takes a lot of time. Time you can save by using the experience of others.

If you go fishing with one of our guides, he will involve you throughout the entire process. Why a particular spot is chosen and e.g. which stage of the tide is best. Of course we have already informed you in advance which flies are the best, your guide will also have these flies with him. This way we have a maximium chance of success!


  • A guide for a full day (8 hours):
  • A guide for half a day (4 hours):
  • A guide with a boat for a full day (8 hours):
  • A guide with a boat for half a day (4 hours):

If you have any questions or would like to book a guide, you can call us or send an email.