Hosted Trips

Hosted trips

At WEEVZ we work with very experienced hosts that will help you as much as they can to get you where the fish are. They know the area, the guides and the managers who run the accomondation you go to. They have caught the targeted spieces before so they know what to do, which flies work and where to fish at certain tides. You can use all that experience to your advantage! Especially on DIY locations where you have to find out most things for yourself. Although that can be part of the fun and very rewarding if things work out, it does take valuable fishing time. If you book a hosted trip your host will save you that time and the fun starts as soon as you get your fly into the water. We plan trips we know our clients will like but if you want a host on a trip of your own choice that can be arranged too. Contact us and tell us what you would like and we will see how we can accomodate that. Whether you want to fish for seatrout, salmon, grayling or bonefish, our hosts have the experience to help you get the most out of you trip. And after a day of intense fishing they are nice guys to have a drink with too!