General Information

The Gaula is one of those Atlantic salmon rivers that needs no introduction. It is regarded as one of Europe’s finest salmon fishing locations. The Gaula is one of Norways four big salmon rivers that produces really big salmon of up to 35 lbs. It is a truly spectacular fly-fishing destination. The river is running through a dense forest with charming rural small holdings. It is an idyllic location to fish for Atlantic Salmon.

WEEVZ obtained a license for a private stretch of the river Gaula of about 2 kms. The number of anglers is limited to max 2 rods. It is classic single bank fly fishing for salmon. This stretch of the Gaula has some very productive pools. Furthermore there are options for large brown trout in neighbouring rivers and there is even large pike waiting at hidden locations! Combinations are custom-made; for instance 3 days of salmon plus two days for trout and pike. The result is an unrivalled fishing experience on the Gaula where guests will have a great chance to catch (perhaps their first) Atlantic Salmon on the fly. First timers are welcome and even guiding can be arranged on request.

Fishing Information

The best part of this stretch is the fact that the pool right in front of the house is a holding pool that is more than 2 meters deep. Even when the river is low this pool holds enough water to keep the fish happy. The fish have to pass several meters of rapits before settling down in this pool to rest. Every salmon angler knows it doesn't get much better than this. In the beginning of the season when the water is cold big flies (up to 3 inches) will often do the trick. When the season progresses the flies need to be smaller (size 8 or 10).


The season opens at the begining of June and ends at the end of August. Usually July is the best time but as long as the rain keeps the river running your chances of catching salmon are very good. The Gaula is a rain fed river so nature decides on the level of the river. In the early season melting snow and rain will keep the levels high. During the summer when the snow up in the mountains is gone and it doesn't rain as much the water level will go down.

The Accommodation

Guests are staying in a typical norwegian house right on the bank of the river. Sitting on the porch you have a beautifull view looking over the best pool of your private stretch. Accommodation is self - catering. The house accomodates for 4 persons. There is a big living room, a well equipped kitchen, several bedrooms for 1-2 persons, freezer, toilet and shower. Guests can cook their meals in self catering kitchen but food is not included in the price.

Travel Information

You can get to Langlete by car or train. Flying to Oslo or a ferrie to Oslo and traveling from Oslo in a rental car is another option.

Package Rates

7 days fishing Starts from€ 1250,- per person

7 days fishing Starts from€ 1700,- per person

7 days fishing Starts from€ 1500,- per person


House fully equiped with kitchen, bathroom and bedriims, Licence.

Not Included:

State licence, food and drinks.

Location: Langlete, Norway

Capacity: 2 anglers per week

Best Time: July.

Target species: Atlantic salmon