Patagonian BaseCamp

The Patagonian Basecamp

General Information

Owner Dutchman Marcel Sijnesael traveled the world for several years before choosing to build his dream lodge in this hidden corner of South Chile, Patagonia. Marcel and his guides can access an amazing array of fisheries. It would take, literally, a month of exploration and fishing to see all these options. Patagonian Basecamp uses ata rafts and outboard powered jetboats and organize 2/3 day overnight float trips to fish while spending the nights at small riverside cabins, or camping in comfortable tents in spectacular scenic surroundings. Above all the lodge has access to various high mountain lakes, full of trout, acccessed only via oxcart-pulled carriage rides, horse back rides and even mountain bikes. Furthermore there is a variety of streams and creeks for wading and larger streams for floating.

Patagonian BaseCamp is strategically located to access many rivers, brooks, creeks, lakes and lagoons. The fishing options are unlimited and it would take you a entire year to fish them all. All fishing programs are personalized taking weather, river conditions and the guests desires into consideration. Each evening after dinner your host Marcel will discuss the fishing options that are available.

The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge also has an extensive "non fishing" program, including horse riding, bird watching, river floating and rafting, hiking, visiting thermal baths, etc.

Fishing Information

All fish you will encounter in this area are wild, and largely untouched. An accurate presentation usually assures for great success. But you need to be prepared for all types of fishing. Sometimes it is necessary to fish with skated dries or you need to use sink tip lines & streamers or cast close to the riverbanks with terrestrials. Boats are used to fish from while floating down a river or for transportation to wading areas on the rivers.

You will fish for wild Brook, Rainbow and Brown Trout in great numbers and sizes. You will catch a lot of fish within 12 - 20 inch range. Fish over 20-inches are caught daily. The lodge record Brown trout was 32 inches, and the Rainbow trout 28 inches.

Salmon Fishing

The Basecamp noticed an incredible increase in the number of salmon on the rivers. November and December are the best months to run into real beautiful fresh “chromers”. For this season we like to extend our exploration and offer a special “Spring Chinook” program.

The focus is on Chinook Salmon. These jumpers are highly prized for their fatty and oily flesh. They are tough and strong and usually weigh 12-16 lbs. with a large one being in the 20 lbs. range. On the Río Palena we have caught fish up to 41 lbs and averaging around 26 lbs. They seem to do very well in Chilean waters. If you are interested in catching Chileian Chinook Salmon please let us know.

A selection of the most enjoyable options at Patagonian BaseCamp:

Rio Palena

The Río Palena starts in Argentina as Río Corcovado, it has many tributaries and it offers an incredibly diverse fishery. It is the home river of The Patagonian BaseCamp. We explore the river using either jet boats or rafts. An overnight float trip on the Río Palena is a great adventure and offers spectacular fishing. This trip can be done in 2, or 3 days depending on your preferences, weather and river conditions. You can fish for two days witht overnights at little riverside cabins. The cabins have two bedrooms and a bathroom. The guides will provide a great dinner & wine after fishing. In the upper section of the river you will enjoy (depending on the conditions) lots of dry fly action and/or nymph fishing in riffles while wading the numerous gravel bars. The last section of the river is packed with sunken trees, which offer the ideal cover for very large brown trout. Heavy streamers on sinking lines are often very effective. The river has large pools holding good numbers of Rainbow Trout. This allows for some very exciting sight-fishing with dry flies or emergers.

Lake & Rio Yelcho

The Río Yelcho, the outlet of the lake with the same name, is a huge and powerful river and home to very large rainbows. The lodge record rainbow (a 20-lb fish!) came from this river. Downstream of this river the Rainbows are cruising on the surface and you will be sight-fishing, but with very small flies 20 /26 on 5X and 6X tippets. It is very technical and exciting! Further downstream you need to change your techniques again to fishing with sinking lines and streamers. Finally, the lake itself can also offer fabulous fishing, particularly around the shores. Large brown and rainbow trout are cruisinge here feeding aggressively on surface flies.

Lago Rosselot

Lago Rosselot is fed by two main rivers, Río Bordali and Río Figueroa, as well as numerous other small creeks. On quiet, sunny days this place offers some of the most exciting visual fishing you will ever experience. But Lago Rosselot has so much more to offer. It has wadeable shallow flats and long shorelines where Rainbows and Browns can be found feeding on the surface. This is true sight fishin! Fishing at Lago Rosselot is never boring and is a wonderful option during your stay at Patagonian BaseCamp.

Rio Rosselot

Rio Rosselot is the outlet river of the lake. The river connects the lake with Río Palena and is a major highway for large trout moving between those waters. Many of our largest fish come from this river. Big browns are hiding under logs while rainbows are mainly caught in the rough riffles of this river.

Rio Figueroa

The Rio Figueroa connects the lakes Lago Verde and Lago Rosselot. The Figueroa is incredibly beautiful where it winds through the canyon. It holds very good numbers of (big) fish. You will mainly be fishing with large dry flies and streamers off the banks. Marcel's newest outpost camp is located on the upper Figueroa that allows anglers to fish and float through two different sections, that have never been fished before. This is a float trip for full days utilizing 14-foot whitewater rafts. This camp is built on top of wooden platforms overlooking the river providing an unique opportunity to fish and explore water that until now has never seen an angler before.

Lago Verde

Lago Verde is located in a pampas area. It is only 2 hours away from the BaseCamp. The scenery is completely different as is the fishing. The dry and extended grasslands around the rivers are home to thousands of grasshoppers. Hopper fishing at the right time of the year can give you the best dry fly fishing you have ever experienced. And these rivers are also great places for some serious nymph fishing for large trout as well.


The Accommodation

Patagonian BaseCamp is a small lodge with amazing fly fishing packages. It has a capacity of 8 guests. This two story facility is inviting, warm and cosy. It has spacious, well-appointed rooms overlooking the river, and features a sauna, hot tubs, full baths and hot-water showers and a daily laundry service. Great meals and desserts are served every day with the best of Argentinian and Chilean wines.

Travel Schedule


Package Rates

2022 season : December - April. 7 nights, 6 full days of fishing, Friday to Friday, in / out Puerto Montt. CL - incl. 2 or 3 days Rio Palena overnight floats $6,590- per person 10 nights, 9 full days of fishing, Tuesday to Friday, in / out Puerto Montt. CL - incl. TempleCamp and/or Rio Palena overnight float $9,590- per person


Charterflight Puerto Montt / BaseCamp / Puerto Montt. Maximum total baggage allowance is 20 kilo (45 lbs).
1 night with breakfast in Puerto Varas and all applicable transfers.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner and all drinks consumed in the lodge (“open bar policy”).
All necessary fishing licenses.
Twice-a-week laundry service.
Use of sauna and hot tub and use of gym / yoga / pilates room.

Not Included:

Possible extra lodging, transfer, travel expenses or modifications as result of delays.
Fishing equipment, like waders, boots, rods, lines etc.
Gratuities and tips are customary.
Personal expenses or necessities.
highly recommended: travel, cancellation/evacuation insurance etc.

Location: Patagonian BaseCamp, Patagonia, Chile

Capacity: 8 anglers

Best Time: ???.

Target species: Wild Brook, Brown and Rainbow trout