100% Sight fishing for wild carp in shallow waters!

General Information

Flyfishing for carp is a new frontier and now available to anyone in one of the best places in the world. Imagine a country with a Mediterranean climate and over 250 days of sun per year, where you can sight fish for wild carp in shallow waters. This country is Portugal.

Unlike many fishing destinations, which are difficult to reach and require more than one travelling day and various stopovers, it’s very easy to get to Portugal. Lisbon International Airport(Portela Airport) is the connection point between Europe, America and Africa. All major airlines, including low-cost airlines, have daily direct flights to and from major European cities to Lisbon. The lodge is located at 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Lisbon International Airport. The fishing area is extended to approximately 80km radius from the lodge.

Fishing Information

Here you can walk along shore lines or wade through artificial lake’s and watch a carp feeding in water few inches deep, sometimes with part of the body out of the water; and then make the perfect cast, presenting the fly with precision in its trajectory, see the carp swimming towards the fly and see it being swallowed with no mercy. What follows is part of your imagination!

Carp fly-fishing has evolved dramatically in recent years, and the growing number of enthusiasts going after this fish does that for a reason. Wild carp’s behavior, in optimal conditions, offers a unique experience, for which you must be prepared. Anglers who already fished for tropical species such as bonefish, will be surprised by the similarities, not only in how wild carp react to flies, but also with their feeding places and the stalking technique involved. In shallow water, carp turn into demons able to push you to the limit and makes you want to pull your hair out, not only because of its strength but also for its predatory instincts or suspicion when the fly sinks just right in the front of its nose.

At the end of the Carp season in-between the middle of September and October there's another exciting fishing option we can offer our clients... Fly Fishing for Black Bass.


Our experienced guides have fished in this area since the year 2000 and have selected the absolute best dates for the different lakes based upon years of experience. The season legally opens May 16. The Carp On Fly Adventures trips operate from June 1st until the end of September. The fishing can also be done from 16 to 31 May, and also in October but it depends on water levels and the anglers travel dates.

There are two ideal seasons for fishing this species. The first is between June and July, two excellent months with warm and long days, in which carp can be found in large quantities along the shores at any time of the day. The level of water in the lakes will depend largely on the amount of winter’s precipitation. If it has been abundant, you will find flooded vegetation along the shores. This vegetation will allow an easy approach but will also increase the difficulty in presenting the fly, perhaps because of the excitement of being merely three meters away from a large carp. The other season is between September and October, when days are still warm but not as much as during summer, and when also may be some periods of instability characteristic of the autumn. This is not a bad thing, quite the opposite. As days get cooler, water cools down and small carps decrease in activity, so they will be present in less numbers. Large carp will be very active and in appetite because of the need to consume large amount of food to prepare for winter.

The Accommodation

Clients are staying at serveral geusthouses depending on availability and the numeber of guests. Our main lodge is Herdade da Mata which can accomodate 6 anglers. When we have more than 6 guests we have several other guesthouses where guests can spend their holiday's

Typical Itinerary for a 4 day fishing expedition:

Day 1 - Arrival in Lisbon where you will be transferred to the lodge. After dinner it’s time to get all the equipment ready for fishing.
Day 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Wake up each morning at 7h30 and have a delicious breakfast at 8h00 and then head off for your day of guided fishing with lunch served at water’s edge. The return to the lodge is at 18h00 approximately and the dinner is later in the evening. At night you will rest comfortably in your room.
Day 6 - Wake up and have breakfast before your transfer back to the Lisbon International Airport for your flight back home.

Package rates:

Price per person:
7 nights, 6 days fishing € 1200,-
6 nights, 5 days fishing € 1050,-
5 nights, 4 days fishing € 900,-
Single fishing on request


All transfers including from Lisbon airport, transfers to fishing spots, accommodation, guide, meals.

Not Included:

International airfare, tips, drinks.