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Skeena Basecamp

General Information

Skeena Basecamp is located right in the heart of Skeena country, disigned and equiped to experience flyfishing in it’s purest form! Our high quality camp is set up on the banks of the world famous Skeena river, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and old growth forest.

Fishing Information

The Skeena Basecamp is a fly fishing only camp. It is not merely the catch, it is the full experience of getting it. Wading in pristine waters, reading the river, understanding nature, casting a long line with homemade flies, being passionate enough to wait for the take…. After that it is often the fight of a lifetime, because all of the fish are in their prime, big and strong, loaded with energy and with only one thought: getting back home to reproduce.

When July starts all five species of Pacific Salmon (King, Chum, Sockeye, Pink and Coho) start entering the Skeena. You will have a good opportunity to catch all these species during your stay at our camp. Fly-fishing for steelhead and salmon is always challenging. You have to work hard for every fish! Some days it can be very tough and other days it all looks too easy.

The fly-fisher who is pursuing the wild steelhead or salmon of BC must possess many skills, the most important of which are endurance, understanding and passion. Especially when Mother Nature is not co-operating, it is important to be flexible and always willing to work hard for your fish. Luckily you will be rewarded often enough!


This lacation has a short season from july to august.

The Accommodation

The camp will be situated on the banks of the Skeena river itself. This means that guests are welcome to fish as many hours as they like. There is a beautiful run in front of the camp, so early risers can even hook a fish before breakfast!

The camp consists of large and very high quality tents. Because we know that after a long day of fishing everybody needs some comfort and privacy, we have made the choice that only two anglers will share a tent. You will have plenty of space for yourself and your gear. There is a central dining tent, a separate tent to take a warm shower and of course an outhouse. To dry your wet waders, jacket or other equipment we will provide a heated tent as well, so you can start every morning warm and dry. The camp is all inclusive and semi-selfservice. All you need for the week is there, so you can prepare whatever you like.

Travel Schedule

You will be picked up on the Saturday of arrival and transported by jetboat to the camp. Of course before leaving Terrace we can make a stop at the local tackle shop or liquor store to get everything you might need. After some informal introduction and explanation about the camp, you can set up your rod and start fishing the homepool right away. Guided fishing will begin on Sunday, through to the following Friday, meaning six full days of fishing, compared to the five days some other companies are offering! Guided fishing is between 7 AM and 5 PM. On the Saturday of departure, we will will drop you off at the Terrace airport for departure. There is no opportunity to fish that day.

Package Rates

6 days fishing Starts from€ 2995,- per person


Breakfast, lunch package, dinner. shared (2 person) tent, guide and boat, licence, transfers from the airport to the camp and back on the departure date.

Not Included:

Alcoholic beverages, Gear and equipment needed to fish, Transportation from your home town to Terrace airport and back.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Capacity: 4 anglers per week

Best Time: July and august.

Target species: Pacific salmon and steelhead