General Information

Greenland is a very special place due to the fishing, the scenery, the air, wildlife, the people, the history and everything else that fascinates visitors coming to the world’s largest island. With this trip WEEVZ can give you a chance to explore rivers, which have been fished by only a handfull of people. The best way to decide whether this destination is for you is probably to call us. But before doing so, take a good look at the pictures above. They should give you an idea of what awaits you. Please contact us to get detailed and honest answers to any questions you might have about this destination.

Travel Information

Our guests travel to Copenhagen to get a flight to Sisimiut via Kangerlussuaq. Frome here we travel by boat to our camp. Our camps are located in the most awe-inspiring surroundings Greenland has to offer – and in genuine wilderness. Access is correspondingly cumbersome. The boat will anchor as close as possible to the river mouth, and everything is then set in motion for disembarking. This is done with a skiff that is towed behind the boat.

Characteristics of the camps

At Camp Erfalik there is a small hut to rest in and for eating dinner, plus a primitive toilet shack. Guests sleep in their own tent and on a camp bed, but you must bring your own sleeping bag. The camp is located by the river mouth, and a few hundred meters from camp the river runs through a lake, where we have a boat anchored. The boat is used for group transport to the upper river in the mornings and evenings, but it is also possible to walk up there at other times. Furthermore, there are several good fishing spots near the lakes, and it is also possible to walk to the neighbouring river with fantastic fishing in 1½ to 2 hours. At Camp North we are not allowed to set up a fixed camp, so we have a tent to stay in and for eating dinner together, as well as a toilet tent. Guests sleep in their own tent and on a sleeping mat (of best quality), but you must bring your own sleeping bag (and a small pillow, if you need this). Camp North puts greater demands on physical condition and willingness to walk distances than Erfalik. Frequently, good fishing starts after a 40-45 minute hike upstream from the camp. If you want the full benefit of the area, you should at least – one or several times during the week – trek an additional hour or more up the tributary, which has quite a different character. In addition we always try to have a boat ready in the lake, which is about an hour’s walk from camp, for easier access to the upper river, where the fishing also can be incredible.


Greenland is a great place to go fly fishing – but only in the summer! The arctic char starts running the rivers in late June so our fishing season opens in early July. It’s a rather short season, from early July til late August. Come September and the fish starts to prepare for spawning and is better left alone. There is no other fish than the arctic char running the rivers in Greenland. Though you will find the species in most bigger rivers in Greenland, those rivers that offers great fly fishing for bigger chars of 2-5 kilos (5-11 lbs) or more are pretty few and far between. As with other salmonoids we do some times see a tendency that the biggest fish enter the rivers as some of the first but we catch a pretty even number of big fish in every week throughout the season.

Package rates:

6.5 days fishing, Double occupation (shared room in Kangerlussuaq), private tent in camp Starts from€ 3500,- per person


Unguided fishing, two nights at hotel (double room), pick up and return to airport, personal tent in camp, all meals in camp, boat transfers, flights Copenhagen/Denmark – Sisimiut/Greenland and Sisimiut/Greenland - Copenhagen/Denmark

Not Included:

International flights to Copenhagen/Denmark, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, meals on travel days.