Our Team

Rene van Heezik

Owner of WEEVZ and Former owner of Martin Fly Fishing Outfitters. Rene has been working in the fly fishing industry for most of his life and fished throughout the world. Rene spend a lot of time in Scandinavia fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout and other parts of Europe for Trout and grayling aswell as in the Caribbean fishing for Bonefish and Tarpon. He is working with a vast network of lodges, guides and other fly fishermen in order to give the best service possible to his clients. Rene is conducting groups every year to his favorite destination in the Bahamas and on the river Gaula in Norway. He is an excellent caster with a single handed and double handed fly rod and is conducting the classes at WEEVZ Casting College.

Theo Huizing

Former owner of Tropical Fly Fishing / Fly Fishing Dreams. Theo has a fly fishing experience of more than 40 years and fished at many salt & fresh water destinations in Europe, Caribbean, US and South America. Theo caught his first Bonefish in 1990 at Los Roques, Venezuela and started Tropical Fly Fishing in 1992. He is still involved in fly fishing travel by supporting, developing and upgrading WEEVZ. Theo is one of the hosts for group trips to mainly new destinations.

Martin Korner

Martin has been fly fishing for large predators for more than 18 years in the Netherlands, mainly with his boat on big water. In the Netherlands this is usually on pike but in the right season there is also sea trout and sea bass. In addition, Martin travelled to various destinations around the world. Over the years, he gained experience is Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Cuba. Tarpon is at the top of his list, but also Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Barracuda and several other species. His passion for fly fishing keeps him busy 24/7! Martin is one of the hosts of WEEVZ.

Mario van Rees

Mario is an allround angler, fly fishing and spinning. He Fished during his life on salt and fresh water. Mario has more the 25 year of experience in fly fishing for Seabass, more than 15 years of fly fishing in Norway on Grayling and Pike and for Trout in the Czech Republic for almost 20 years. He also fished in the Bahamas and in Cuba for Bones, Tarpon, Barracudas en various Jacks species. Mario is one of the hosts of WEEVZ.

Dwight Lindhout

Dwight is a passioned fly fisherman with a fishing experience of more than 40 years. Dwight fished at many destinations in Europe and the USA, Cape Cod for Striper, in Florida and in the Seychelles. He has a passion for casting with the fly rod and that shows in his efficient and fun way of giving instruction.
Dwight is one of the casting instructors of WEEVZ.

Carey van Kints

Carey has been a passionate and all-round fisherman his entire life. Cycling from The Hague to Irelandon his 17th to camp and fish for (sea) trout and pike. Many trips to Ireland followed, although the transport became better over the years! He visited most countries of Europe with trout and grayling as a target. He fished for salmon and trout in Alaska and Canada, especially British Columbia. He discovered Africa as a fish destination with tiger fish as a target and visited Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa. Over the last decades he has been fishing in Hawaii and the Caribbean with destinations such as Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Bonaire and Aruba, mainly for bonefish, tarpon, barracuda and jacks which can be very spectacular. At home he fishes with his boat on the bigger rivers like Haringvliet and Volkerak, the Oude Maas and the Waal for everything with teeth. Carey likes to guide people for a day on the water. Fishing is and remains fantastic in any way! Carey is one of the hosts of WEEVZ.

Piet de Ruiter

Piet is a passionate fly fisherman. According to him it is a way of life. Piet has fished a lot in Cuba, Alaska, Austria and other destinations world wide. His favorite destination is Isla Joventud in Cuba. He has been a host on trips to Isla de la Juventud since 2006 guiding clients from all over the world and is our first choice when it comes to Cuba. Piet is one of the hosts of WEEVZ.