Useful Things

On this page you can find things you might find useful on your next trip.
We will update and upgrade this page as much as we can over time so check it every now and then.


These two lists can help you on your way with preparing for your next trip.
Nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot to pack that one important item.
A good checklist will help prevent just that from happening. Ofcourse everybody has different needs but these lists will cover most general fishing needs.

Gear Suggestions:

These are some gear sugestions for some of the locations Weevz has to offer. Bringing the right rods, reels and lines does make a trip much more enjoyable. By clicking on a destination you will see a list of reel sizes and rod and line types and aftma's we think are a good option for that specific location.

Tropical Fly Fishing
Fresh Water Fly Fishing
Salt Water Fly Fishing


We know choosing a fly is done by feel which is good but local knowledge is quite valuable too so by clicking on a location you'll see a selection of flies of which we know they work because we use them ourselves with great succes.